Correção de texto: Sending messages

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People spend much time sending messages instead of interacting with others face to face

I agree that people spend much time sending messages instead of interacting with others face to face. I often have to fight for my friends attention, since they can't stop texting all the time. Just watch people in restaurants and pubs. It is not difficult to see a group sitting at the same table just looking to their screens insted of talking each other.
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Hi, I mean, when correcting your text I noticed some uses that I'm particulary not used to, but they aren't wrong, so I will re-write, but letting the correct words that you used as a second option.

People spend/are spending too much time sending messages when they could be interacting with others/othe people in reality/in the flesh (em carne e osso).

I do agrre/agree that people spend too much of their time sending messages instead of interacting (see, you've already said that people could or are supposed to be face to face, so avoid re-using this sentence it turn less repetitious). I often have to fight for my friends' attention, since/as they can't stop texting/sending messages. Just look at people in restaurants and pubs, for example, it's not that hard/difficult to find/see a group of people/friends at the same table looking directly to their phones' screens instead of talking face to face. (just thought that saying it sounded much better than the other examples I gave)

Really liked your texts. It, unfortunetly, is the reality nowdays for some people, when they could be really living their lives.