Correção de Texto: The Great Gatsby - 3 - I Met Gatsby

Lots of people came to the parties at Gatsby's House. In the parties had all kind of foods and drinks there. Anyone person had never been invited to one of the party expect Nick. At first time we went there he heard people saying about Gatsby, but anyone saw him or known about him.

Jordan Baker was at the party, then Nick saw her, he asked her about Gatsby and she said that Gatsby had been in War and studied in Oxford but she didn't believe in Gatsby. On the end, a butler called Jordan for to talk with Gatsby, minutes after, Jordan came back to Nick and she said that she known something important about Gatsby, it was a secret.
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Avatar do usuário Marcio Osorio de Fa 1030 18

the parties had all kind of foods..." should read "There were all kinds of food..."

"then Nick saw her," should read "then Nick saw her. He asked her about etc."

"On the end" should read "In the end"

"for to talk with Gatsby" should read "to talk with Gatsby."

"Minutes after" should read "Minutes later"

"known" should read "knew".

Não se vá. Outras correções virão sob a forma de sugestão.