Correção de texto: um email

Plese, I need help to correct this text, I Need use the present perfect :


Hey friend, how you have been?
I'm very happy to meet you on an online community. I have no idea, how to start writing about everything that happened in the last years.
First I've been to Orlando once, I realized that dream. I got married and I have been a good mother of my two children.
Do you remember Marie? She got married. She has been taught math in our old school. This is nice, because she's teaching math to my son.
The life here have been difficult, because of the new rules and high fees. You made a good choice, when you decided to live this city. My husband and I got thinking about choice another city, less expensive to live.
Please, write to me soon as possible. I'm curious about you. What you have done?
Bye, take care!
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