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I'm contacting you because a problem I'm having in my driving school. I had already finished all practical classes but due to problems on the simulator, two of them wasn't accounted by DETRAN system. The director of the driving school asked me if I would like to change these classes for other practical classes in the car, since this problem could happen again if I made new lessons on the simulator. I agreed, but believe it or not, I still had to pay $ 50.00 per this change. By I receipt my permission to drive, I'm thinking to process both the driving school both the DETRAN. I find it very hard to do, since it involves a lot of bureaucracy and to tell you the truth, I never processes anyone. You, as a good lawyer who is, what would be your recommendation to solving that case?

Agradeço quem puder ajudar!!!
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Hi Victor!

I'm writing because of an issue I've had with my driving school. I had already finished all practical driving lessons but because of a problem with the simulator, two of them weren't accounted for in their system. The director of the driving school asked me if I would like to take two real driving lessons instead, as he couldn't assure me this problem with the simulator wouldn't happen again. I agreed to this, but believe it or not, I still had to pay $ 50.00 in order to change from the simulator based lessons to real driving lessons. I'm thinking about taking some legal action against both the driving school and the DETRAN, but I think it wouldn't be that simple as it involves a lot of bureaucracy and to tell you the truth, I've never sued anyone before. I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly advise me on how to proceed on this matter, whether it is worth to pursue further action or not.

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I am making an exception to the rule of making the correction itself, since Gian has done it superbly.

So, I am just going to express my opinion on that one.
You certainly paid for your lessons, and that meant the Driving School had thought of every and all possibilities. So, it´s the Driving School that should foot the bill with the extra expenses for (it seems) it was in the contract (or at least it was implicit in it.)
Unless the issue (and the additional cost) was specifically foreseen in the contract when you signed it.
You should not agree on getting the behind-the-wheel training (without simulator), but then you couldn´t think this would happen.
Plus, you were in a weak position to question the driving school manager, so you could do it "after getting your driving licence" (if it is what you meant - it is what I got from your account.)

Next move then, is to get some partial refund by the driving school (it can be administratively, then legally if necessary). It can be time-consuming, but then you do a service to other students...
It´s up to you, eventually, to let that little money go down the hole (and perhaps to avoid some headache) or go for it.
DETRAN, in this case, seems like setting a "little punishment" meant to the driving school, not the student driver, though.

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All that, assuming it´s not a fictional account, it could be that you have a fertile memory and wanted just a text correction. That wasn´t (somewhat) clearly mentioned in the text.

And where it reads "it can be administratively, then legally if necessary" should read "it can be required administratively, then legally if necessary" (or - by law if necessary.)

Hi Paulo, good night!

I'm not good at reading and writing (My vocabulary is limited), but I could understand somethings that you've said. That wasn't a fictional history, It happened! I have to hand in to my English course by saturday this composition about asking an advice to a friend. Thanks for share your opinion. Hugs!

Thank you so much Gian.

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You´re most welcome, and I hope that problem is fixed soon, or perhaps it´s fixed already!
If any more questions come up, feel free to post and we will try to help you out. Don´t worry about your reading skills, with time you will get the hang of it.
Take care, see you again.

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