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Nowadays, some difficulties and precarious conditions in many of the Brazilian public hospitals generate discussion for not having a good management, dissatisfaction and indignation of the population are fair, when it becomes clear the lack of resources and attitudes that make creating irrelevant differentiation strategies for this sector. This paper offers suggestions for improvement for Alice of Almeida Maternity Hospital in the Town of Sumé - Paraíba. Consequently, most of organization has its strengths and weaknesses in their working environment, and the alternative way to success is the blue ocean strategy that will help in improving the quality of service provided to the population. So, the objective is to diagnose the needs and difficulties of hospital service through arrays following the model of the four actions, which will present a broader vision to achieve effective results. Then, this search is in an exploratory and descriptive case study of strategies seeking to speak about issues through a qualitative approach. Based on data collected, It was analyzed aspects related to perception of interviewees, the results show that 50% of the civil servants who provide service to the hospital are pleased with the service that the hospital performs the population and to public servants responsible for hospital independently conceptualized in 70%, showing a good result, but the population Sumeense evaluated at 60% on regular State. It is understood that the work reached its objectives, diagnosing the needs and problems of the hospital, through the array of value following the model of the four actions. Finally, it was concluded, all sectors and studied environment were analyzed so that the strategies adopted are the same as the blue ocean strategy.
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