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Will ebooks replace textbooks? That is a good question. It's possible to cite a lot of advantages of the ebooks against the textbooks: tablets are lightweight compared to textbooks, ebooks are cheaper than traditional textbooks, ebooks provide richer content, ebooks can be automatically updated and others. Although these advantages, I think that nothing will replace the pleasure of touching and reading the textbooks.

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My thoughts are more on the meaning, rather than grammar:

1 - ebooks provide richer content

Why's that so?

2 - automatically updated and others

"and others" ?
Hi Rodzilla,

Thanks for help me with your comment.

Maybe I wasn't clear in my text. When I said richer content I mean digital content insted of printed characters. Content that you can interact. You can, for example, highlight, resize, change the zoom, etc. :-)

And about the "and others", maybe I should have used "etc" insted of.

Oh, I just think you should add the first one to your text, and perhaps be more specific about the "etc"
Ok. Thanks. I will do it. :-)