Correção: I think this question has a complicated answer

GiovanaSP 25
The question is: "How do local people feel about tourism in the country or city where you live?".

My answer: I think this question has a complicated answer. Sometimes I'm under the impression that the answer of this question depends on the person's nationality who comes to my country. Anyway, Brazil overall follows the stereotype that we are an open-mindedness nation when it comes to receive people from other nationalities.
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Leonardo96 7000 11 156
I'd suggest that you change it to the following:

I think the answer to that question is complicated. Sometimes I feel like it depends on the nationality of the person who's visiting my country. Anyway, overall, Brazil does follow the stereotype that it's an open-minded nation when it comes to having people from other countries over.
GiovanaSP 25
Thank you so much, Leonardo.