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Hello everyone who are reading this article, today I would like to talk about one of the coolest topics, languages, as most of you guys already know I’m thinking about creating my own language, but it isn’t easy and simple as you think it is, I think most of you guys are wondering, Why will this man create a language?
Well, since I started writing my book, I thought it’d be cool if I’d create a language to be spoken in my book, well, it isn’t an easy task, but I’m willing to do it for sure, it doesn’t matter what, I don’t care if people are gonna tell me it’s a crazy stuff at all, after finishing my language, I’m gonna put it into my book, if you guys wanna learn it, no problem, I’ll create a website so that you guys can learn it.
I’d like to tell y’all the name of my language, my language is called Znadrav, and it’ll be based on Germanic and Slavic languages, well, I guess you guys are wondering if my language is gonna be hard to learn, well, in some aspects, it isn’t gonna be hard at all.
I want my language to be a different language from which we aren’t used to learn, my sentence structure is gonna be OVS ( Object + Verb + Subject ), there’ll only be 3 verbal tenses, Present, Past and Future, after finishing my book, I’ll write a dictionary of my language, and I’ll also write a grammar book.

Well, that’s it, I hope y’all have enjoyed reading this article, if you guys wanna know more about my language, check my blog and YouTube channel out, I guess some of you guys must be laughing at my project, but I don’t care about it at all, I’m willing to do whatever it takes for my language to be spoken.

“Znadrav Sperken häär not izv lenen, dusven nazvt haven dusv solo, drääm ozv faheeh kazv wizv solo, dezvot izv wizv whet.”
“Learning Znadrav isn’t hard at all, you’ve got only to devote yourself, we can only fulfil our dreams, when we’re dedicated,”

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