David's anguish

Chapter One

It was a sad and cold morning when David realized his life was about to change once for all. It was raining, but the silence was so deep that he believed his strong heart beats could be heard outside. He knew it would be pointless to scream. It was time to face his destiny on his own. He had no idea how much time he had spent on the floor, but he didn’t care anyway. In his mind nothing could be worse than what he'd have to face in the coming hours. He felt his fate was inevitable and, in a brief moment, David wondered why life had to be so unfair, but was provided no answer.

To be continued....
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Chapter Two

David stared at the clock and suddenly a hope seeped into his mind. Maybe it was possible to run away! He slowly crawled across the floor and then noticed it was much harder than he could imagine. He was jaded and hungry, but there was no time to waste. He had only one chance and nothing could put him off. He looked at the clock one more time and knew he had to hurry up. The sound of a loud thunder broke the silence as he finally managed to stand up. His legs were shaking. He walked towards the door and, before he could open it, something behind him pulled him up short.

To be continued....
Come on dude I wanna know what happenned:Who pulled him up!:)