Como dizer "desabafar com alguém" em inglês

Como eu poderia dizer em inglês "Você pode desabafar comigo sempre que quiser."

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  • You can open your heart to me whenever you want.
  • You can umbosom yorself to me whenever you want.
  • You can speak frankly to me whenever you want.
  • You can to spill-out on me whenever you want.

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And also:
"Whenever you feel like that feel free to get it off your chest. I am all ears/I am ready to listen."
A term I always hear, which is a bit more informal, is vent.

E.g.: "You can vent to me whenever you need!"

From The Free Dictionary:

Need to vent (to someone)
To have a need to vocalize one's negative thoughts, emotions, or reactions (to someone else, especially someone impartial).
Sorry for venting to you like that, I've just been under a lot of pressure lately.
Thanks for listening—I guess I just needed to vent about work for a few minutes.
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Good that you brought it up, Luciana.

I have found "vent" as well. Mostly in the sense of releasing frustration, anger, annoyance at some perceived injustice done to himself), often upset what has happened.
In Portuguese, in that sense, it could be translated into "reclamar" (desabafar, 'botar pra fora' algo que lhe deixou frustrado ou 'com raiva'.)

Nenê reclama do árbitro e desabafa após empate do Fluminense: 'Pela maneira como foi no final frustra'.
Nenê couldn't hide his frustration against the referee after the match that ended in the draw (Fluminense x Santos): "The way his decision was made is frustrating/is upsetting."

In time: chances are the other team may think differently "that the player is whinning" not venting.

But venting might have a neutral tone to it, however being about "negative emotions bottled up". It would be to discuss something is being uncomfortable that is nagging you (something that is bothering, worrying you). More like 'getting off someonés chest".
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