Diferença de chill, shiver e goosebumps?

Eu não sei qual é a diferença de chill, shiver e goosebumps; para mim todos são "arrepio"... Obrigada

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Related to "arrepio":

Chill - calafrio
A shivering sensation, when someone is under some kind of anticipation, for fear -when one can feel the hair stand on the back of our their necks when they are scared.
When that is triggered by some kind of loud music, some kind of anticipatory tension (a sudden modulotion in a music, or someone else´s voice etc, or by sheer weather coldness we can call it goosebumps (this one, a word usually associated with good emotions or coldness) That is, goosebumps generally evokes positive feelings or exposure to cold (as a reaction of the body, trying to generate heat).

Shiver - When someone shiver slightly by feeling cold, fear or frightened.


There are other senses of these words, but I tried to focus on the meanings of "arrepio".