Exercício: Texto em Inglês sobre Ataque terrorista nos EUA

Texto sobre Ataque terrorista Nos Estados Unidos

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1. Read the news below / leiam as notícias abaixo

"CBS News senior correspondent John Miller told CBS Radio News that transferring Tsarnaev gets the hospital out of a delicate situation. "There was some tension there," said Miller. "There were many victims of the Boston bombing in Beth Israel hospital who didn't want to be in the same hospital with one of the people allegedly responsible." Miller reports Tsarnaev's transfer was done in early morning hours in the dark of night to avoid any security issues."A hospital is a place where the United States Marshals Service can keep a prisoner under guard, but it's not the ideal situation they would have in a prison hospital environment," Miller said. [CBS News]

2. Qual das opções abaixo contém as formas corretas no presente das expressões sublinhadas no texto ?

A. There are - there is - did
B. There are - there is - do
C. There is - there are - did
D. There is - there are - do


Bons estudos.
I think it's letter D.
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For sure, It's the option "d"!
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Letra D

Bons estudos!