Expressão da Série ''Lúcifer'' (T04, E01): "What's your poison?''

Qual é a tradução de "What's your poison?"

"Have I played that song too much? I have, haven't I? Still, there are far less drastic ways to put in a new song request. What's your poison? Poison? ABBA? Revenge. I'm not familiar. But if you hum a few bars, I bet I can keep up."
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There´s a question that a drinker would make to somebody else (at the time of offering a drink to him/her) What is your poison? (o que você gosta de beber?)

Answer: soda, whiskey, water, beer... OR even "Thanks, I am a teetotaller.".

By analogy, the "what´s your poison?" in the line there problably would mean something like "what tickles your fancy?/what sparks your interest?":
Your thing is Revenge?
Your thing is to listen to ABBA songs?

It suggests that Revenge is a band or singer.
But if he speaks metaphorically it could be musics on the topic of 'getting even', if you get my drift. - ABBA would be more on the 'sweet' side.

And, by a stretch, it could be that they named a drink with this name "ABBA", Revenge. Revenge would make an impressive name to a whiskey brand... Revenge comes in form of a hangover to haunt you the day after. ;-)
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