Frases com Make out

Make out - the same as understand.
ex: I can't make out this question.

Leave Britney alone - when someone is boring you or saying something that you don't like, you say this when this someone finish his bad speech about you.
ex: - You're looking a little bit fat, your hair isn't great and I know what you did last week. What a shame!
- Leave Britney alone!
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adirfer 4
Hey, Everton! How´s it going?

Do you have any more examples of these expressions? It got me interested!

Take care!

Prof. Adir
I think everybody knows this.. but anyway take a look:

* Take it easy !
It's like: Man, I'm very nervous about my life. I think it's very boring.. I wanna die..
and you say: Hey man.. Take it easy! Everything is gonna be ok. Be cool

That's it guys..