Get on or Get into a bus: Qual é o certo?

Hello there! I'm Marco and I have a question.

I study English and Portuguese education in college and my professor said "get into the bus." And as far as I know we should say "get on the bus." But I know we have many ways of saying the same thing in English.

So I would like to know if it is correct to use "get into/on the bus" and if they have the same meaning.

Thanks in advance.
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In English you say get on a bus, get on a train, get on a plane, but get into a car. My boyfriend is Italian and has a lot of trouble with it and thinks it is stupid! Lol
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Para dizermos 'entrar em ônibus ou trem' usamos 'get on', 'get on the bus', 'get on the train'.

Acredito que "get into" possa ser usado, mas não em um contexto onde se "entra para ser transportado."

Bons estudos!

While you can use both prepositions, my first choice would be 'on'.

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I entirely agree with donay.

According to my copy of The Ins and Outs of Prepositions[1],

On indicates travel in vehicles in which one can walk.
We can see John and Mary on the bus meaning, you actually see both of them probably standing, moving or seated inside by the window of a moving (or idling) bus.
Typical nouns you use on with: airplane, bus, ship, train, spaceship, UFO.
Typical verbs you on before: get, go, ride, sit, travel.

[1] Amazon

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Years ago I heard a simple rule used by an ESL student, and it makes sense.

Into = If you must move your head to enter. A car, a small plane (such as a figher).
On = If you do not have to move your head to enter. A train, a bus, a ship, a passenger airplane, streetcar.

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I wonder if everything you "get on board (of)" you say you "get on"? Any exceptions you can think of?

Gostaria de saber se quando eu já estou dentro do ônibus, como devo dizer?
I'm into the bus? Ou I'm on the bus?

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I'm into the bus? Ou I'm on the bus?
Into = para dentro (algo está se movendo para dentro de algum lugar)

Você deve usar "I am on the bus".

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