Has - negativo e interrogativo

Como fica a frase "She has English classes on Saturdays" no interrogativos é negativo

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Interrogativa: "Does she have English classes on Saturdays?"
Negativa: "She hasn't English classes on Saturdays."
Hey, guy.

In interrogative clauses you have to put the verb do (in correct sentence) before the pronome.


Does she have English classes on saturday.

More examples:

Do you like bananas? Yes. I like bananas

Does he love him? Yes, he loves him.

Always you have to do it when you are in a interrogative question. But, calm down! You have to put do/does only when you don't have modal verbs (must/ should / etc) and others sentences like present perfect.

In negative, you just have to put "not" after the verb do/does or, in another way - that is more coloquial - make the verb get negative.

She does not have English Classes on saturday.

Coloquial: She hasn't English Classe on saturday.
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Just a little correction:
...on Saturdays (I would use on Saturdays to mean something that happens repeatedly.)

She does not have English classes on the next Saturday (or Next Saturday shen won´t have English classes.) I added "next" not to make it ambiguous, one getting in two minds if the statement meant next Saturday or on Saturdays in general.
If we want it with "On Saturday" meaning "next Saturday" we could put it at the beggining of the sentence.
This is my opinion, though. Let´s wait for more comments.

One grammar aside note: The initial letter of names of the days or months are always capitalized. This way we have: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... And January, February, March, April...
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