How to argue over soccer

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Here's two fans joking around over the Chelsea 2 x Arsenal 1 game, in the Guardian:

"I bet my dads tougher than your dad"
"whys that then?"
"My dads a weightlifter"
"So what, my dads a shoplifter"

In the comments section at ... gue-report.

I tell you, the comments section on soccer matches in the Guardian are a lot more fun than the match reports.
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Ho-lee! It doesn't get any better!! Chelsea 0 x Swansea 0. Chelsea out of the Capital One Cup. Hazard, the little Belgian, expelled for kicking a ball-boy who was delaying the game by lying on the ball out of bounds!

yimyam (23 January 2013 10:23pm) pergunta:
"What would have happened if a sub was smothering the ball?" (Um jogador substituto)

Smunker (23 January 2013 10:25pm) responde:
"Hazard would have kicked him too."

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Well, today Tottenham defeated Arsenal 2x1. Tottenham's coach, Villas Boas, has been singing the praises of Gareth Bale lately, and Bale delivered again, scoring one of the goals. That led to this exchange between two fans on the comments section of The Guardian match report:

From nicovert, on 03 March 2013 at 7:00pm:

"Our Gareth who art in midfield,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy plaudits come.
Thy will be done
on matchday as it is in training.
Give us this week our weekly goal,
and forgive us our defensive lapses,
as we forgive those who lapse defensively against us,
and lead us not into the Europa League,
but deliver us from obscurity."

To which somebody replied (sorry, I can't find the quote now) that Nicovert shouldn't give up his day job just yet to become a poet, except that if that was his day job, he should consider quitting right away!