How to improve my listening skill?

Which method is effective? Just listen, listen, listen?

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Hi Jovin!

My first answer would be listen, listen and listen. Lol
Obviously, practice makes perfect. However, the important thing is the quality of your listening and the strategies applied. There's no point in just listening without planning or targeting your difficulties and trying different sources of training. Long and short pieces of listening, for example, are used to train different skills. Audios, videos and songs are useful to practice listening in different ways.
To sum up, from my point of view, exposure is the key. The more you practice listening, the better your understanding of the language will be.
A piece of advice: try as many sources as possible, but keep trying...

Some sources of my interest:
Ref. lyricstraining (to practice with songs)
Ref. esl-lab (audios from easy to hard)

Hope it helps!

See you around!
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