If Super Heroes were Hipsters

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incrível como dá para saber quando é tópico do Dude só pelo título :mrgreen:
very very funny!
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hehe... legal mesmo

Queria saber como é que ele faz pra arrumar essas coisas exoticas
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Thank you, guys... I guess. :?

Adriano, I took a degree in Topic Title at Harvard, I owe all my topic title writing skills to my teachers. Pursue your dreams and one day you can be as unique as I am writing topic titles. :cry:
Well, I liked your topic a lot . It's very interesting and funny. Congratulations! In my blog I've written some texts about heroes and villains, if you want, take a look at it: insideachillesheel.blogspot.com

Al last, I have a question for you: what's the meaning of the word "fixy" in Xavier's speech? "It's a fixy".
I looked up in Google and in two dictionaries but I couldn't find it.

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Fixie is a type of bike with fixed pedals. They are always in move as long as the wheels are rolling, like those bikes for children.

"In the TV series HEROES, the main and most interesting character is SYLAR" - I agree with you 100%. ;)