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... was back in service.


...was back on service.

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To me, back in service would be "um serviço operando novamente" (the service was restored) as in:

By then we expect most airports to be back in service. (o serviço de aeroporto - de voos estará funcionando novamente.)

Right now, there is no water in the immediate area, no power as well, no estimate when either one -- when water or power will be back into service. (o serviço de água e luz...)

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Phones Back In Service

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by admin on June 24, 2014
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our phone service was restored about 10:30 AM. We appreciate your patience.

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Telephone Outage
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Back on service (when a machine, say, a train a vessel (ship) etc go to repair/refurbishment and gets back, that is it was in a inactive state, sort of.) The service itself has not necessarily stopped, just a given machine.

SMRT Trains has also cited reasons of wear and tear of important components over the past two decades of service and water leaks from the air-conditioning system of some trains.[4] ...On 5 November 2006, the first refurbished train, set 005/006, was put back on service. The last trainset to be refurbished, set 075/076, had completed its refurbishment and put back on service on 2 January 2009. ... tries_C151

She was recommissioned in 1940 as the US Coast Guard Cutter WAGL-236 and sent to Norfolk. In 1943 her name was again changed, this time to the USCGC Hydrangea, because the USS Mayflower was back on service as a patrol craft.

There is also "back into service", when a cellphone, a telephone set, and others equipments are disconnected from a service and then are reconnected. For example, if you turn off a cellphone to recharge, or if it turned off because the battery had died then when you recharge it and your turn on, it comes back into service.

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