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Hi there!

check out some interesting expressions in english:

this is not about black and white- it means it's not about what is right or wrong

he vacuum up all of the food-> someone ate everything

when someone goes to jail and a friend or maybe a relative wants to take this person out of jail we use bail out since one's got to pay for that like

I must bail my drunk brother out of jail

verb to whine:

kids are always whining about their birthday gifts

phrasal verb dole out-> bestow/ distribute

The New York Times tracks how the $700 billion Troubled Asset
Relief Program is being doled out to banks, insurance companies and more

to outline-> to describe

The new rescue plan, to be outlined Monday

happen upon-> find unexpectly

All these wonders have been here for
thousands of years, embraced by those who happened upon them

cart someone off-> take someone to a place forcefully

he was carted off to jail

justice must be served-> a justiça tem que ser feita


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Teacher Pondé
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