As in the stuff X As the stuff: Qual utilizar?

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And what have the people of Brooklyn done to merit a pass notes? Oh, that. Well, some of them are going to start powering their homes with human poo.
I'm sorry? They're going to power their homes with human poo.
As in the stuff that comes out of people? Yes, that human poo.

Não entendi por que utilizar a preposição "in" depois de "as". Ela interfere na tradução se for retirada?
Pode-se substituir "as" por "like"?
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"As in" is often used to clarify a term, give an example, and exaggerate.

Some illegal drug users, as in those who use cocaine, will have to submit to periodic surprise urine anaylis tests.

He is a medical doctor. By that I mean a real doctor, as in someone who has graduated from medical school, not someone who has taken a correspondence course from Thailand and now wears a white robe.

I am tired, as in I have not slept in 48 hours.

Yes, I would say that "as" could be replaced by "like".
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Olá pessoal,

Qual seria a melhor tradução para ''as in'' em Português?

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