Who ou Whom: Qual utilizar?

Qual a palavra mais adequada para se colocar na lacuna da sentença abaixo: who ou whom?

Good-humored is somebody _ is happy with himself or herself.

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Avatar do usuário jlcashill 1605 4 12 29
Unless you are taking a really important English exam, there is NO reason at all to use "whom". No one says it in normal, everyday speech. If they do, they are trying to sound smart.

"Who called?" (who is the subject)
"Who did you call?" (who is the object - no one says "whom did you call? Only in Downton Abbey)

Keep it simple! Which sounds more natural? "Who are you going to call?" or "Whom are you going to call?" I don't think the Ghostbusters movie could ever have been made if we actually used "whom"!


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Avatar do usuário Marcos 3345 4 17 71
The correct answer is WHO.

Who is used to talk about the subject, the one who does the action in the sentence, the doer.
Ex: That's the girl who dates my best friend.

- Who dates my best friend? That girl dates my best friend. (Girl here is the subject)

Whom is used to talk about the object, the one who receives the action done by the subject.
Ex: That's the girl with whom I date.

- Who do you date? I date that girl. (Girl here is the object)