Is “in where” correct?

Oi, pessoal, semana que vem terei uma entrevista de estágio e estou preparando minha apresentação e fiquei com uma dúvida:

É correto usar in where na sentença abaixo?

“I’m always giving my hardest to develop or figure out the best way to solve a troubleshooting situacional in where I can see myself”

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"in which" would be more the point, since you are referring to " situational troubleshooting" (situational with two "Ts" even if doesn´t have a T sound).

"where I can see myself" perhaps would be acceptable (not "in where"), here you think of a "literary" way of thinking, if one puts an abstract thing as a place, it happens.
But not "in where", it doesn´t sound much suitable (say, natural) to me. But then, it ´s me, others may think in a different way.

"Giving my best" would be what springs to my mind first, "hardest" could lead to some kind of ambiguity/innuendo. It´s cliché-ish (okay - rewording, a bit of a cliché) but it works.
Still, if you want (to) make it more emphatic you could claim that "I am always giving my conscientiously best", but "giving my best would do".