Lessons we will learn from this pandemic

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UNICEF Young Reporters shed light on the lessons they have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic
“There is no rainbow without rain”

Eva Hadzipetrova (15), UNICEF Young Reporter
I’ve been thinking a lot - what is it that will come out of all this? Equality! This situation has shown us that we are all the same regardless of our religion, culture, customs, whether we are poor or rich. The virus simply does not choose. It connected us in a way, it showed us that we should all stick together. During this chaos, while many of us in a panic, it showed us the weight of humanity. It reminded us who we are. Maybe the world will finally change.
We humans are fragile by ourselves. Our strength lies in being part of a community.”
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“There is good in every evil”
"One of the most important things I’ve learned while we’re in isolation is to take care of myself and to devote more time to myself.”[/b] [Maria Mitrikeska, 15]
“A pandemic that taught me to love.”
“It taught me to love, to listen, to care, to respect and to help.” [Branislav Maksimovski, 15]
“Life is a lesson, we learn and continue to learn every day.”
“We learn how to live every day. We choose the path we will take.”
[Andrijana Kamcheva, 25]
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Shed light on the lessons: Lançar luz sobre as lições;
What is it that will come out of all this?: O que é que vai sair de tudo isso?;
Regardless: Independentemente;
We should all stick together: Devemos todos ficar juntos;
It showed us the weight of humanity: (Isto) Nos mostrou o peso da humanidade;
Our strength lies in being part of a community: Nossa força está em fazer parte de uma comunidade.

What about you?
Have you learned a lesson during this pandemic?

See you around!

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Donay Mendonça 23 129 1.7k
Yes, I've learned a lot during this pandemic.

A lot of Brazilians don't follow rules (including those in a position of authority).
A lot of Brazilians care more about politics than life.
A lot of politicians in Brazil don't care about life.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Nothing lasts forever.
Everything happens for a reason.
Keep calm, and carry on!
Yes true awesome talking in this pandemic I learn that mindset is everything.

Traduz: Sim verdade falou legal nesta pandemia: In this pandemic.

Eu aprendi que a mentalidade é tudo: Mindset os everything.
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
I learned that hysteria and worry may be a bad advisor in times of crisis. Indeed I relearned because I knew that, but this year we collectively learned that.
I didn´t learn (I knew that too) but I was reminded that heroes don´t necessarily need to get superpowers, sometimes to go to work is enough, to go out to serve or help others qualify us to be one hero.

I learned (okay, I will switch (and stick) to the "lessons we will learn" from now onwards :-) that a family is a must in times of need (and I don´t mean just financial need, but the need for somebody to lend an ear or empathize with you, etc). And that friends are family.
Unfortunately, I 'learned' (here in both senses, that of 'eu soube/tomei conhecimento' and that of 'tivemos mais essa lição'... That some people profit from the poor, the needy, and the sick. On the other hand, people always will find out the truth at the end.
I learned that despite the bad guys, there are plenty of volunteers, neighbours, or people at large, that are good Samaritans who help others, coming to the aid of their communities, the vulnerable and the elderly, and others.
I learned that behind a mask people can smile, and sometimes you see their eyes smiling even when there´s no sound of laughter or something. :-)
I learned that staying in is no excuse to stop staying fit, skip workouts, and forgo your studies, not watch your favorite artist shows, and the list goes on and on.

Well guys, I know it might be improved, punctuation and all. It was written on the fly, so corrections are welcome.