When do you think the coronavirus pandemic will be over?

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Donay Mendonça 23 129 1.7k
Question: When do you believe the Covid-19 pandemic will be over?

Possible answers:

- I think this pandemic will be over in November.
- It will be over soon. I don't know exactly when.
- I think it may never be over.
- It won't be over until 2022.

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PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
My thought is that hopefully, it ends soon. Thinking against the odds, though. We see countries with high vaccination rates and high contagion rates on those not vaccinated yet.
By the looks of it, it will be with us a while, despite vaccination and all that jazz (we don't know how it will behave, new strains and all). There are some countries that are returning to some semblance of normal, let's see how this will play out.
I am optimistic, though, scientists are scrambling to develop a multi-strain Covid vaccine and now there are some new medical skills learned.
Plus, all over the world the economists, leaders, and people in general are dealing with it in a more efficient way.
There is innovation in the ways people do things, including in the field of education, business, work, art, etc.
Donay Mendonça 23 129 1.7k
I think this pandemic is likely to be under control soon, but the virus might never disappear.

We'll probably have to get a Covid vaccination every year, just like the flu vaccination.