Loo x Water Closet x Closet x W.C.

Hello, dears.

I looked at Vocabulary.com (such a reliable dictionary) and onto it I found out that water closet, W.C., closet and loo had all the same exact meaning: a toilet in Britain.

So, I wonder whether there is or not a difference between these words, grammatically or no difference? Please, I'd really appreciate your help. (And by the way, I do recommend you that site).


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I would say that "loo" is the most used, I think that men´s room/john is used too regardless of wich size of the pond you are (the US or the UK.), and will be understood. Closet I have not seen much, and water closet is passé (outdated of sorts).


http://www.bbc.com/travel/blog/20130130 ... dons-shard

On the 68th floor, dubbed the “cloudscape” for the cloud patterns that dance across its windows, it is worth going to the “loo with a view” for sheer novelty value (huge windows in the toilets afford magnificent open views over the city). From this level, a flight of stairs leads to the first viewing gallery on floor 69.

Let´s wait more comments on this fascinating subject. :)
See you, bloke.