O que significa "Clears Throat"?

Hellow Everybody!

Anyone could help me? What is the expression "clears Throat"?
I've bought constantly the comics "Monica's gang" and "Monica's Teen", but sometime I meet this expression.Usually it appears this way:
<clears throat>. Ex: "<clears Throat>...if you would allow the professor to have word..." (Monica's teen - ed. 9 - "The weight of a problem" - page 26)


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I don't know the context of it, but how you put the expression with those "< >" and if they are in the text, it can be a action, not exactly an expression.
Like, "<clears Throat> [...]" can mean that She/he clears throat to start speaking.
But I'm not sure. Good luck with that!
Hello Elaine, :)

I think you are talking about what is known in portuguese as "Pigarro", it is an action that we do when we are trying to clear our throat before speaking or when we are feeling some discomfort.

Please, check this link out.

I hope it helps.
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Clearing the throat is what happens instinctively right before the singing of the National Anthem. Or before any kind of singing, mostly when you are going to sing in an audition.

Ahem! ouviram do Ipiranga...

Ahem! is also used ironically to show that something somebody else just said might not be exactly the truth.

Another use to it, is to attract somebody attention, one instance is when daddy or grandma enters a room and the young couple is caressing and kissing...in the case of grandma, the next warning may be that heavy umbrella in your direction...!
Caio Almeida is right, "clearing one's throat" is "pigarrear" in Portuguese. It is what you do if you feel like there is something stuck in your throat or simply to prepare for speaking (especially in public) or singing. Às vezes se pigarreia também para chamar a atenção da plateia, como um professor que pede a atenção dos alunos, por exemplo.