On the other hand x besides: Qual utilizar?

EugenioTM 6 31
Can we go to the concert tonight?
''No, I have to study to an exam. ( ), we have to save money to our next year's vacation.''

Which expression is the right one to fill the parenthesis, besides or on the other hand?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello, EugenioTM!

The correct expression to be used in this case is "besides". "On the other hand" expresses contradiction and its translation is "por outro lado". The person that answers the question does not want to go out. In order to emphasize this position, two arguments are used. The first one is that s/he has to study for an exam. The second one is that s/he and probably his or her family have to save money. Accordingly to this, once saving money is being used to complement and not to contradict the first argument, it is possible to say that "besides", which means "além disso", is the best option to fill the parenthesis.

Hope my explanation is clear. :)
EugenioTM 6 31
Thanks! The explanation is crystal-clear.