Poems (in english!)

So... Yeah... Aspiring poet here, and... I though I'd share my work (kind of). If anyone else writes poems, why not share here too?

You can read mine here: http://eddy-s.deviantart.com/
What do you think? :)

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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Some of the forum members would probably share some of it some of the time.

In Saint Catherine lives a man
Who recited his poems in a van
For EE forumers to read
While they all a life lead
Through the ways that they can

A limerick this ESL'er quickly runs off
For the wary reader, including Orloff;
Little does he write, however,
About things untold forever,
Things at which people readily scoff
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
I really like the forum here;
From all the things I hear,
This forum excels others
Yet it pleases all mothers
Doesn't that sound at all clear?

For all those who like the forum
You always have plenty of quorum
With no reasonable doubt
As an obvious standout,
So observes forumer Marcius Osorium

Conspicuously do Zé and Genaro
Observe from within a Camaro
The scene that unfolds
Behind their own blindfolds--
Not the one seen by Amaro

Mind you, you can do it better
Much more than writing a letter;
You'll soon catch on
And never play the moron
But lead the life of a getter
Cê anda inspirado, hein? hahaha
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Márcio Farias is
a very creative man
He likes to invent poems
For us to entertain

I like the way Márcio
Answers the forum questions
He’s always providing us with
Very good suggestions.

He spreads creativity
From Recife to the world
I hope Márcio always be here
in EE’s knowledge road.
I enjoy learning,
and assume you do too,
because you are here...

knowledge is power,
a cerebral tattoo,
an unmapped frontier...

Stop the globe turning,
construe the skewed view
back into a sphere

learn and devour,
your brain says Thank you,
darkness becomes clear.