Projeto Conversação - Parte 3

Hey guys...

At the end of the video, it was my sister arriving... Did you see my shy face?! ahhuau
She thought I was crazy... ahahha :lol:
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oi. meu primeiro video. falei besteira. isso foi só para introduzir.
Very nice Project !!!

Good job Rafael, this idea is very value us, Alessandro this site is very import for people with me, here we discovery another world and people!

Thank for this web site, and we will make this real !
Hey Lazumbra !

Very very nice dude !!! That`s the idea !!!
By the time you`re gonna get used to talk, your conversation will improve and the way you think before saying a word is gonna change. You`ll start thinking in English !

Keep uploading your videos Lazumbra !!

Very good !
Hey guys, here Iam with another vídeo. I haven't seen it yet, but it was more dificult to do than the 1st because I hadn't a topic list to follow and sometimes I've got lost.
I'm impressed with the level of your english, guys!

Talita and Pakuista, you guys don't need to apologize all the time about your mistakes (as I do haha), because yours are very slightly, and you guys can speak with fluency, though!

Rafael, you already know what I think about you English speaking I guess :mrgreen:
Sandra, I forgot to say about yours... I really liked the way you speak, it's so natural... I just think you can (if you want, of course) try to lose a little bit of your brazilian accent ;)

Now I'm kinda shy to make my next video :lol:
JacksonB 2
Hey, people..

I congratulate you all...
Yeah, Sandra got a really good english, as well as everyone who uploaded videos. Just remembering that this initiative is also for beginners :) , we'd love to help them improve their English skills, as we are trying to do with ours.

My 2nd video is here, too random but hope u like it, gonna put subtitles soon.
PS: I think i said "facebook" instead of "Face2Face book" in some time, hehe.
Hi guys... I am trying to sing a music today, just out on my first video on youtube lol.

Please, send me sugestions how I can improve my english. I know my voice is bad, but it is just an attempt to improve and I am trying improve it lol..

I hope you enjoy it.. .see you soon
Nice video Jackson,very good to hear your english.What gorgeous puppies. :D I used to have a lot of cats that was always giving birth,and i used to enjoy to watch the whole process :cry: .
Gabi 1 1 15
I love puppies!

Claudemir - musical action, outstanding idea!

I`m happy to see this bunch of videos here....No I'm not going to remove my video of the youtbe anymore, everyone's posting something and I won't be the guys,
I might go to another one again, at some point.
JacksonB 2
Come over and take them all, Gabi! hehe
JacksonB 2
Thank you Bruno, but i'm not really satisfied... I can speak a little bit better when there's someone talking to me, u know. I'm not very good at monologues :P

ohh i don't like cats although there's one here that is my dog's friend, he is called Léo and my dog is Safira. Such a friendship..

And Claudemir, your english is good, indeed! And that music is great, your voice could, actually, sound nicer with a better microphone. (my voice sucks with any mic, though haha)
Hey Claudemir!I didn't see your video!I love this song!This reminds me of sad and confusing days that a passed through the year of 2003!Really nice to hear you play!That's not easy doing it just with a guitar :) .
Thanks JacsonB.. your english is good...but when I am watching your videos I can't hear you good, the audio is very low. If possible try fix it. Thank for the feedback. Good studies!!
JacksonB 2
Ohh Ok, ClaudemirCloud, well, i spoke normally, maybe it was my mic configuration. I'll try to figure out what's going on :)
Thanks, u too
Congratulations guys for this idea.. It´s the correct way, we should learn English listening and talking and not reading and writing...

I have an suggestion.. what do you thing of give one tip of English in each video.
JacksonB, I think we are in the same boat, I started my english classes last week, at Cultura Inglesa UI1 -I think you are studying there too, Idk (your book)- and of course, the English we learn there, as everybody know is British, and for me is quite a problem, because I have an american accent (almost, I guess), and I can understand better americans than britishes, and I don't know if I am doing the right thing.

But, however, when I went to my first class, my teacher have an american accent, and this was kind of woaah!

Finally, I still don't know, but I am really enjoying there, and as some expert said to me: "If you really wanna learn english you should learn both american and british", the canadian and australian come later .-.

So you're sure of studying british way?
Hello Guys!

I decided to participate of this great idea, but I have a surprise here, in my video.
Watch it. I'm sure that you will think so funny, as well as me.
Check this out!

[ Vídeo removido pelo usuário ]

Did you see tha?
Man, it was very cool.
Ok, Raphael, great idea fellow!
And hopefully you will get this new job that you are running for.
See you guys.
Awesome Cristiano! I like to move it move it... hahahaha

Cristiano, your daughter is so cute! And I can feel she's gonna speak English very well! ahahha
Good luck for you!
Hi guys!!

Nani, tks for your comment 'bout my brazilian accent... I'll try

Cristiano, your daughter is really's important to speak in english with her while she's a child, because she'll learn to think in english.

Jackson! I think your spoken english is good and easy to undertand. And about your cute, but I don't want tehm, I have my own

Claudemir... you play and sing very well!!

To everyone... monologues are really dificult and we're all going well!! Let's move on and practice!!
I forgot...

Nani... I'm shy too, but when you begin it's very nice to do.

Rafael... Where's your next video?
Hello Guys!

I love all the videos!

Congratulations every body by the initiative!

Thanks English Experts by the opportunity!

I can't do my video just now, but I hope I'll do that ASAP. (Eu já até ensaiei! rsrsr)

I have a doubt, in the Cristiano's video he told the word muscle, someone could say me if his pronouciation is correct?

If I wrote something wrong, please, let me know!

Best regards!

angelica nascimento escreveu:I have a doubt, in Cristiano's video he said the word muscle, could someone tell me if his pronunciation is correct?
You're right, the 'c' in muscle sounds like an 's'.
JacksonB 2
Hey Jefferson, we might be in the same boat...I don't study in Cultura Inglesa, though. I study in III-Instituto Inter. de Idiomas.
I can barely do Brittish accent...

My teachers also speak American English, people from Cambridge often visit III to make sure the method is being used correctly, It seems like they haven't complained about that accent thing.

yeah I would like to learn both, but Brittish English will come as soon as I go to London...[someday :P ]

For now, I'll keep on learning and improving American pronounciation...

Sandra, thank you so much, your English is SO understandable as well. Ohh what a pity :P

Cristiano, reading loudly really helps! :) And your daughter will be so good in English, since you are training her speech skills since that young, she will get used to the English way of speaking so that she will learn faster.
And yeah, as Angelica asked and Dlr answered .. you pronounced "muscle" as "musKle". Just remembering that "muscular" keeps the usual "c" sound .. like "musKular".

Nani, you also have a good English, I just found it a lil hard to listen to you.

See ya, guys. Waiting for more vids :)
dlr escreveu:
angelica nascimento escreveu:I have a doubt, in Cristiano's video he said the word muscle, could someone tell me if his pronunciation is correct?
You're right, the 'c' in muscle sounds like an 's'.

Hey Fellows!

"angelica nascimento", as we can see here above, based on your citation, your listening skills is very well. ;)

"dlr", Tks for correct me/teach me/show me the right way to pronnouce this word. :D

So, the right way to say this word is: mâsol >> instead of muscle! Good! Very good!

Guys, the right name of it is COLLABORATIVE!

Thanks a lot all of you!

And about my little baby, did you all see that?
Amazing, isn't it?

I knew since the begining that I was doing the right thing.
When I really learned my first phrase in english, a almost three years ago, I thought exactly it: I'll teach this phrase for my baby when she starts to speak. And I did it! And it is working! It will much more easy for Her when she grow up.

But Can you believe me if I tell you that my wife doesn't believe in my method, even she seeing our baby speaking, as well as we are seeing right here, can you believe me? I mean, my wife doesn't believe that our baby will learn. :shock:

She says for me like this: Cris, stop to do it! The Baby will forget everything when she grow up! ... hunf... :cry:

I don't believe on it! I can see evolution on it! :x
My baby is learning!
I'll continue... :arrow:
And She will see...

Ok Guys, tks and good luck for all of you too! ;)
JacksonB 2
Of course your baby is learning Cristiano, if your wife doesn't believe your kid will remember all those things why don't you teach her some phrases, let's see who remembers more stuff.. the daughter or the mom? :)

Just kiddin' , your wife will see the results in a not so far future :)

see ya
Hey Guys!
Please, don’t make fun of my video! The audio is not so good, but I’ll try to fix it!
Great Angélica! Tomorrow I will put another video talking about something of science. I think that is very important we talk about ourselves ( I told about my self in my video, lol) but I think that is as well very important we talk about stuffs that are happening on the world for example. let´s try? so, Tomorrow I will start putting a video about regardless stuff about science. In my case it will improve my pronunciation, that is bad, and to know a lot of new words and phrases.
then, see you tomorrow.