Projeto Conversação - Parte 3

Hey guys...

At the end of the video, it was my sister arriving... Did you see my shy face?! ahhuau
She thought I was crazy... ahahha :lol:
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oi. meu primeiro video. falei besteira. isso foi só para introduzir.
Very nice Project !!!

Good job Rafael, this idea is very value us, Alessandro this site is very import for people with me, here we discovery another world and people!

Thank for this web site, and we will make this real !
Avatar do usuário rafaelisquierdo 185 6
Hey Lazumbra !

Very very nice dude !!! That`s the idea !!!
By the time you`re gonna get used to talk, your conversation will improve and the way you think before saying a word is gonna change. You`ll start thinking in English !

Keep uploading your videos Lazumbra !!

Very good !
Hey guys, here Iam with another vídeo. I haven't seen it yet, but it was more dificult to do than the 1st because I hadn't a topic list to follow and sometimes I've got lost.
I'm impressed with the level of your english, guys!

Talita and Pakuista, you guys don't need to apologize all the time about your mistakes (as I do haha), because yours are very slightly, and you guys can speak with fluency, though!

Rafael, you already know what I think about you English speaking I guess :mrgreen:
Sandra, I forgot to say about yours... I really liked the way you speak, it's so natural... I just think you can (if you want, of course) try to lose a little bit of your brazilian accent ;)

Now I'm kinda shy to make my next video :lol:
Avatar do usuário JacksonB 95 2
Hey, people..

I congratulate you all...
Yeah, Sandra got a really good english, as well as everyone who uploaded videos. Just remembering that this initiative is also for beginners :) , we'd love to help them improve their English skills, as we are trying to do with ours.

My 2nd video is here, too random but hope u like it, gonna put subtitles soon.

PS: I think i said "facebook" instead of "Face2Face book" in some time, hehe.
Avatar do usuário claudemircloud 115 1
Hi guys... I am trying to sing a music today, just out on my first video on youtube lol.

Please, send me sugestions how I can improve my english. I know my voice is bad, but it is just an attempt to improve and I am trying improve it lol..

I hope you enjoy it.. .see you soon
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Nice video Jackson,very good to hear your english.What gorgeous puppies. :D I used to have a lot of cats that was always giving birth,and i used to enjoy to watch the whole process :cry: .