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Swarmfire 1065 2 18
Eu estou estudando falas do filme "Fight Club" e me deparei com uma fala na qual acredito ouvir algo diferente do que a legenda diz ser dito.

Este é o áudio : ... W6mTThLtNj

Eu acredito ter ouvido : "Hey, What's why do we need bunk beds?"

Peço a ajuda de membros mais experientes, é isso que é dito? Pois me soa bem estranho se assim for...
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Swarmfire 1065 2 18
O script do filme:


Tyler walks upstairs, passing as Jack continues down...


Jack looks around. TRIPLE-DECKER BUNKS clutter the
basement, as many as can fit into the space.

Bryan Philpott 3350 11 88
"Hey, wha(t), why do we need bunk beds?"

I'm not certain if he's saying 'what', or saying 'wha' with an inflection at the end.

Either way, the wha(t) is a hesitational insertion - either the actor hesitated a bit while saying the line, or he might have said it with the hesitation on purpose - to fit with the character.

Swarmfire 1065 2 18
Muito obrigado pela direção, novamente, nas suas respostas.

Aqui está o mesmo arquivo de audio lento, eu ouvi um "what" bem curto em seu final, estão meus ouvidos suficientemente treinados. Ouvi certo?

Bryan Philpott 3350 11 88
It's more like "whas" than anything. It might have originally been "what('s)", but due to compression or other digital changes, it sounds like this now.

Actually, when I first heard it, I thought it was: "Hey, boss, why do we need bunk beds?", but after listening a few times, the "wh" sound is pretty clear.

Your original thought of "what's" is very good, because all the right sounds are there, but I think some of the 's' sound is just audio artifacting.

Swarmfire 1065 2 18
...,due to compression or other digital changes
Isso é algo que realmente eu simplesmente ignorava quanto a pronúncia... Não sei ao certo o motivo. Agradeço pelo elogio e mais ainda por emprestar-me um pouco de experiência

Amanhã, sem falta, votarei no seu comentário! (Já foram meus 3 votos por hoje...)

Te vejo por aí!

PPAULO 57845 6 43 1030
I think what Bryan meant by "due to compression and signal changes" was that the site or program used are high compression stuff, they get the archives and morphs them into way smaller ones. Hence some loss of quality in terms of listening.
I had felt something of a "static-like" quality around it. It might have an overlapping effect at some parts, even if the headphone is good.
That audio format looks like mp3, maybe mp4 and to get to us it travels compressed, so the loss is magnified by 2 (or more).
I hope you don´t have thought of it as compression as a language (listening) device, it was a technical thing. If it´s not the case, at least we know now that listening directly from the DVD (from the movie, I mean) the sound is more clear. Other formats would help as well, but converting through a site one certainly wouldn´t have a choice. ... ed-to-know

Swarmfire 1065 2 18
Agradeço pela atenção quanto a minha possível misunderstand do que seria tal compressão. E são várias vias de compressão no caso em questão, pois eu baixei através de torrent um arquivo em um formato de compressão (mp4 invés de mkv, o que seria algo próximo do wav - nenhuma compressão - para áudio). Desse ponto eu extrai o áudio, modifiquei ele pelo Audacity e ainda o exportei em MP3 de baixa compressão. Mas estarei atento Paulo!

PPAULO 57845 6 43 1030
Good! It might come in handy to other students as well. One watching a movie from a DVD, blue-ray, what you have would feel the difference from the sound processed through filters and channels.
Not that I am good at listening at all, but the desperate girl just blurt out her words and perhaps even the film was low budget. I don´t know if the original has a better definition but as it was streamed it´s a bit of a challenge... Even to some native ears, chances are.
Plus, the girl could have some kind of accent of her own
Once, I was chatting with a guy that lived in America (in Portuguese) and then, all of sudden, the topic of English accents came up. He spoke several sentences in Southern accent, New York accent, and others as well.
And how I got? Puzzled! As if one type of English wasn´t difficult enough, now I would make acquaintance with several ones. Haha!

Here some tips on listening difficulties: ... nsion.html

Item 5 reminded of the king-of-accents guy. :-)

Item 4 was a topic touched by Bryan before.

#9 I had mentioned. The use of images in exams would make it easier, because one would make lip reading, and read gestures etc. On the other hand, it can help the basic learner, the ones like me. ;-)

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