Qual o significado de "To hell with"?

I was ready to say 'to hell with' it and leave.

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To hell with it.
Que se dane!
Que se lasque!
(Não quero saber, tô nem aí)
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Well the meaning... That´s an open-ended, nonspecific question left to the answer to do the heavy lift. It leaves the feeling that it could have more context.

And actually the above sentence should be (apostrophe after "it"):
I was ready to say 'to hell with it' and leave.

Anyway, here you go (depending of the situation it could mean):

I was ready to say 'do whatever you want' and leave.
I was ready to say 'do as you want to ' and leave.
I was ready to say 'do as you see fit' and leave.
I was ready to say 'do as you like/as you please' (but don´t come crying to me) and leave.
I was ready to say 'do it as your own risk (but take the consequences)' and leave.
(have it your way) I just wash my hands of it.
If you do that way, it´s up to you. It´s not my worry!

Getting angrier -
I was ready to say 'do as you damn please/as you darn please' and leave.

And the "indifferent" or even real angry (or exasperated) tack:
(do as you please) I care less about what you are going to do!
(do as you wish) I could give a sh*t!
(do as you wish) I just don´t give a damn!

So, context is everything...