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Oi Gente,
sou fão do Jamie Cullum e estava navegando neste site: quando vi um texto que achei bem confuso. Gostaria da ajuda de vocês para traduzir. É impressão minha ou o autor "comeu" algumas palavras ao longo do texto? Segue abaixo:

We knew of the existence of air guitar. But it is also an air piano, was unknown to us. Until last night. Since we were able to experience the furious performance by Jamie Cullum at the sold out Circus Krone. Cullum fits in a drawer. Is that even jazz , the swing, or pure pop? The 31-year-old goes beyond the traditional genre boundaries. But one thing is certain: He’s a great entertainer.

Initially, the Briton is still in black suit and tie on the stage . During his roughly two hour presentation he gets rid of the label very quickly. Pulls his jacket off, and banished the tie already in the fourth song is a secular white T-shirt to his guests. Then also the shirt from his pants. What may go on well? The constant remain his glittering black sneakers, his wonderful voice and his virtuoso piano playing.

Cullum sees the age of 31 still like a gawky adolescent who accidentally became the Tenniestar. Somehow he has been since its discovery seven years ago became a Robbie Williams of the Jazz. At the very least a worthy successor to the legendary jazz singer Kurt Elling.

But as I said, Cullum does not fit any category. His audience, he has packed a few bars. There is singing, clapping and swaying with it at some point in his songs such as “What a Difference a Day Made,” “These Are the Days”, “Dont’t Stop The Music”, “I’m All Over It” and “Twenty Something “.

Already the second piece he mounts the piano, two cameras follow his facial expressions when singing and how he hits the keys – and transferring it black and white (as much jazz is a must!) On a large screen. This is known from pop concerts, but not from jazz. Is reinforced by its very British, slightly nasal-sounding voice with brass inserts, from bass, guitar, keyboards and drums. When combined with the traces of the double bass jazz become clear. Maybe the bass is also the instrument of jazz.

During the evening, his style is always groovy and soulful. He turns in jazz funk and then pop. But good pop! Maybe it makes it that way, occurs when the circus. Cullum takes itself in this concert and his performance at the circus often poke fun at and it was not that long, then it would be like a tiger jumping through a ring of fire.

1500 people can be because of the energetic flea animate on the stage to loud humming hop, with their feet, are at the encores – and dance. Cullum shifts effortlessly to orchestral jazz rock of the eighties, then back to the Bar jazz and swing – it injures all musical boundaries and do not hesitate before using the delay technique. For jazz purists, this might be horror. But if, as he sold from his third album “Twentysomething”, 2.5 million units, then you really have not done anything wrong.

Not at this concert, when the neighbor says: “The whole time I have a grin on his face – this is so beautiful” In conclusion, standing ovations Appropriate.!

Muito obrigada.

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Thomas 7 60 288
It is sloppily written. This is not "email English". It's bad English. The text is missing words as well as thoughts. Quite possibly what we are reading is a transcript of something that was said in a conversation (over the radio?) but not edited. That would explain at least some of the errors.
Thank you.
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