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Astronomer-in-residence at, Phil Plait, invites you to look at this new comic book from his friend Zach Weiner. At: ... omics.html

As a bonus, you get to learn something about Kickstarter, if you don't already know about it. It's a platform for entrepreneurs to solicit funds for their particular projects, whatever these may be. I myself only recently learned about Kickstarter, and was amazed at what it's doing. Go to their site,, and take a look for yourself.

Incidentally, enter a major Brazilian city, such as São Paulo, or Rio, on their search facility and you'll be surprised at the paucity of projects from Brazilians. I guess the word just hasn't got around yet.

And, -- here's my personal promise: if you draw up something (that I find) interesting, I will help with the English, etc. (However, if I'm overwhelmed with proposals, which I don't expect, I retain the right to withdraw back into my shell...)

In any case, have fun!
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Incidentally, look at that São Paulo project, "Looking at the Stars." ... he-stars-0

It looks awesome. I just pledged a few bucks.