Significado de "conquer from within"

Hi guys!

Can you help me to find the meaning of the expression "conquer from within"?
I think it's something related to achieving your personal goals, but I'm not sure..

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In a way yes, personal goals should be achieved by work, by strategy, but you should convince yourself that you deserve it, that you want it.
Sometimes people do outward changes to please others, then they sabotage they happiness because the changes are not from whithin. It wasn´t genuine.

Outside changes, wins, battles, happiness are nothing if they don´t come from within in the first place. So, the first person you have to win, to conquer is yourself (that´s conquering from whitin).

In time- the first person you have to win (I mean, to make friends with, win friends).

Elsewhere I read that:
To conquer from within, therefore, means to reflect, love, and inspire oneself in order to put yourself on the front lines every day for change.

Not be pushed by someone else, not do something just because somebody else said it should be done. Got it? It begins from your inner strength, thought, and incentive.
You have to feel in the mood, you have to understand it completely and convince yourself that it will be right and good for you and your loved ones.