Stay long x Stay longer

Hello folks! Could you please tell me if the difference between "stay long and stay longer" in Portuguese it would be "fique um pouco e fique um pouco mais"?

Thanks in advance.

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Stay long = ficar muito tempo

Stay longer = ficar mais tempo
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Hi there, NeyF.
If I have caught your drift from what wrote, of course, it could be elaborated more on that one.
So, in a more "pleading" scenario (again - if I correctly understood the context you wanted). We could use some of the following expressions:

Stay a little while/longer OR stay a bit longer (for instance).

As in:
(please) Don´t go, stay a little longer with us.

Stay a little longer, Mum, please.

Stay a little longer, won´t you, Tim.

Please, stay little longer, won´t you, Tim?
Here it´s an open-ended question, that is, we aren´t sure if Tim will or won´t. The interrogative signals that we can´t take it for granted.

Please, stay a little longer.

Speaker # 1) I have to go.
Tenho que ir.

Speaker # 2) So soon?
Tão cedo? Tá cedo, não? Tá cedo!
(and then...)
Please, stay a little longer.
Por favor fica (fique) mais um pouco (mais um pouquinho.)

Speaker # 1) It´s (getting) very late.
Está muito tarde (com "getting" está "ficando" muito tarde). Eu tenho que ir.
OR (if you wish)
É (muito) tarde/é tarde demais...

(and then...)
I (really) must go.
Eu (realmente) tenho que ir.

So, the way you put the question, with the context you provided, "stay longer" is rather probable. Fat chances.
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Stay long.
It would be in a more assertive/positive way, as opposed to that "pleading tone" I pointed out. And often used with future plans (but not necessarily/not always).
Anyway, the following examples will illustrate what I mean here.

Speaker #1) How long do you see yourself working for our company?

Speaker #2) I will stay long unless and until the employer have any problems with me.

Oops...perhaps I should give another example with a more polite wording, a tad...

Speaker #2)
As long as the firm has the need of my skills. (and other ways, of course.)

One more (final) example:
Should I tell the IRS that I will stay long to another country?

Back to the crux (back to the other topic a bit), back to examples of pleading (that I had mentioned), only that now I will show another way that is pleading-except that is not pleading:

(I) wish you could stay a little longer.
Quem dera você pudesse ficar mais um pouquinho! [não seria bom! Seria tão bom né?]