The highest x The most high: Qual a diferença

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Estou lendo alguns versículos da bíblia em Inglês e há um texto que fazendo referência a Deus diz "You alone are the Most High over all the earth". Por que se diz "the mosth high" aqui e não "the highest"?

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Although the expression The most high is quite archaic, it is still used, specially in religious literature to make a reference to God or something related to heaven. It is a resource used in comunication in order to enphasize how much God is important compared to any other gods. However, according to the modern English, the current and correct spelling is the highest.

You should read:

So we have:

The Most High [with capital letters] or The Highest.
The Highest should be enough in this case, but it is not an isolated case
- O Altíssimo.

The highest [god; mountain;]
- O deus superior; a montanha mais alta.

Glory / hosanna in the highest.
- Glória / hosana nas alturas.

So, my conclusion is the highest can be a noun and also an adjective.

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