The Indefinite Articles são sempre traduzidos?

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Gostaria de saber se The Indefinite Article são sempre traduzidos independente da ocasião ou existem casos em que eles são omitidos?

Por exemplo:

The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus
A paper written by Matthew McCartney

Nesse caso, the indefinitive article a deveria ser traduzido como:

"Um artigo escrito por Matthew McCartney"

Ou, the indefinitive article a deveria ser omitido e, portanto, ser traduzido apenas por:

"Artigo escrito por Matthew McCartney" ?

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I would say that in Portuguese you could translate both ways, without loss of meaning. Since "um artigo escrito por Matthew" is the same (generally speaking) as "artigo escrito por Matthew."

There are contexts and contexts, though. And I was referring to the reasoning of the English Grammar, not the Portuguese one.
So, sometimes the use of "by Matthew McCartney" would do, and should do (as in novels/books reviews, for example, to mention who wrote the work).

Since you wanted to know the Portuguese side of it. In colloquial Portuguese, one can leave out the definite article and it wouldn´t make much difference in sense.
Other case is the use of the article "o" before names of people (in the Northeast region one just says "João" and in Sao Paulo you would hear "O João" more often than not. And it would mean the same thing (in spoken Portuguese I mean, generally when someone is recalling some facts/telling a story).
It´s a bit of regionalisn in play. Nothing to worry about, just to adapt himself if living in one region or the other.
So, it´s eventually up to you and your experience, taking in account the local language "mores" and uses. Of course, Portuguese is generally a bit more flexible when it comes with articles/word worder, etc. ... nidos.html
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In fact, you were talking about the definite article.

In the case of A paper written by Matthew McCartney the article specifies the fact that it was written by him, not other person.
If one doesn´t want it with the article could write "by Matthew McCartney". But then, when it´s apparent who is the author (as in a Newspaper or magazine, for example). That is, when it´s implicit or it was mentioned that it was an article/work/novel, etc.
Obrigado pela explicação Ppaulo, nesse caso, qual é a tradução correta?

1. Um artigo escrito por Matthew McCartney

ou apenas

2. Artigo escrito por Matthew McCartney ?

Ficarei grato por seu retorno. Desde já, agradeço sua atenção em responder minha dúvida.