To fold x To bend: Qual a diferença

Does a robot finger Fold or Bend?

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I would rather use "flex the fingers/moving the fingers/move the fingers to side/curl the fingers/extend the fingers" etc... If comparing with a human being.
Since "bending" and "fingers" in the same sentence suggests some kind of (unwanted) contracture, disease or problem.

Folded arms and folded hands are usually found in writings about body language. Bending the knees is also common with the talking about posture and exercises.
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Google found a couple of results indicating robot fingers "bend". In my not so entirely misconceived view, a human-like robot may move its hand fingers up and down.
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I agree, in technical essays and academical works or technical papers they use such description. So, if one says a robot finger bend it´s not far-fetched, to use the definition to the human finger is not usual, but no one will sue us if we do.
So, let´s say that a robot finger doesn´t fold, answering the initial question.