Big no-no - Tradução em português

Hi Experts :D

Today in the morning I was listening to BBC Learning Podcast called 6 Minutes English and there was the expression 'a big no-no' in the context bellow:

"Yes, that is a big no-no for me, I really don't like that, it really breaks my concentration."

What does it mean? :?:
According with BBC Learning English it means "something most people don't like".

So basically "a big no-no" is something that should not be done or should not have been done. It was a big error or bad manners.

I hope that helps.

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Think about the origin of this expression. What does a parent say to a child when the child is doing something the adult does not want him to do? The parent says "No!" When speaking to a child, it is quite common to say "No, no!" So, a "no-no" is something taboo, something that we should not do.

It is a no-no to ask a woman if she is pregnant if you cannot see the baby in the birth process.
It is a no-no, when stopped by the police on suspicion of drunk driving, to ask the police officer if he would like a drink too.
It is a no-no to enter a gay bar and yell, "I hate homosexuals!" It is also stupid.