Coasts...privilege;Chip off the block - Tradução em português

By the way, Harry's parents are wealthy, handsome people. If anything, Harry's father is more of a cocky son of a bitch who coasts on charm and privilege. Harry's mum is the homecoming queen who is nice to the geeks, a type that isn't as familiar in pop culture as the "mean girl" type, but is still a type. Harry is portrayed as a chip off the block.

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Thomas 7 60 289
to coast = to propel a vehicle without using a motor (You are in a car at the top of a hill. You turn off the engine. You let gravity propel the car to the bottom of the hill. You have coasted.) You can coast on anything with wheels: skates, bikes, cars, trucks, trains, etc.
In the context of your paragraph, "to coast" means "to do something without effort, not to try hard to do something."
Harry's father uses charm and privielge to effortlessly go through life without making any sacrifices or attempts to achieve his goals.

chip off the old block = to be like one's father or mother
Harry is like his father.
EugenioTM 6 31
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