Tradução de "Heat-clearing"

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Estou lendo um documento e fiquei na dúvida se temos uma tradução para "heat-clearing" em português.

Currently, the use of herbal products is popular as treatment option or to complement western medicine. Indications of the herbal formulas were established by TCM terms such as “heat-clearing and/or detoxifying” which lack modern pharmacological meanings
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Entendo que devam ser consideradas traduções mais literais possíveis:

Purga/limpeza/alívio/liberação.. De calor

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My opinion about the heat-clearing part, I would hazard the guess that one could call it "alleviation of the heartburn symptoms" (similar to fever - we can´t say it´s a disease but a symptom of other conditions.)

So, heartburn could be a symptom of, for example, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc. Albeit some sites use the term "heartburn disease".

Anyway, with the TCM there´s not necessarily an exact equivalent to the Allopathic medicine (meaning conventional medicine) in terms of description and methods.
Anyway, the "common denominator" description-wise, makes me believe that "Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease" (heartburn) would be an apt candidate to translate this one.

PPAULO 53115 6 42 956
A bit of follow-up explanation:

I work on the basis of "common denominator" since the Chinese wisdom method is based on the 'heat' meaning that Yang is the body's ability to generate and maintain warmth and circulation. So, it doesn´t work in the same wavelenght, someone says that Western vs Eastern medicine is about "short term vs long term action plan".
So, the Chinese could well be translated into "heat-clearing" the "balance of the gastrointestinal tract" (restabelecer/restaurar a harmonia do gastro intestinal". And even doing so, both diagnosis and treatments could have converging goals and be talking about the same thing (or approximately, I mean). ... 4818300085