Scared senseless - Tradução em português

Hello, how are you?
Could you help me with a sentence please?
They were scared senseless, but he reassured them.
What does "scared senseless" mean?

Thank you a lot.

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Good question!
Scared senseless - is when someone is 'wildly foolishly scared' (a child with fear of the dark).

But then, there is another concept, that of some kind of exaggerated, "irrational" fear. That is, for example, an addicted or someone with a mental health problem risk closing their mind to other ideas (and to reality as well, fear is a complicated thing).
When people are afraid to question what they feel (know thyself)
, they may suffer the “scared senseless” syndrome. It breeds intolerance, rigidity, the lack of common sense and fear-based mentality in extreme cases. So, again, it´s "irrational" but it´s acting on an inconscious basis, so even people close to the person might believe the false assumption (distortion) and be 'poisoned' by fear.

Reassuring the person, assessing the facts in a rational way, identify where we (and others) have gone to the extremes (and if tend to "amplify" our emotions) are some ways to curb that. Or to find a balance.

Psychology aside - oftentimes we can translate it as "muito medo", "muito muito medo" or "medo incontrolável". Pois sucumbir ao medo leva a pessoa não pensar claramente e portanto pensar e agir de forma 'irracional'.

O alto uso de apostrofe aqui é para denotar que algo parece irracional - para você - mas não para o outro. Daí que é necessário uma empatia para com a pessoa, uma compreensão. Se não conseguirmos tranquilizar, dar segurança, podemos procurar ajuda profissional para que nos oriente como procedermos, enquanto paralelamente atua com análise/terapia adequada, etc.

By the way, sorry for being verbose on the answer. It took a life of its own, sometimes we have to go beyond English and instruct about things that aren´t taught in school...