Teacher-bashing - Tradução em português

Is nothing off the table in this target-driven, teacher-bashing, pressure cooker of an education system?
The Tories are nasty enough to cut the holidays out of either, spite or envy. If so, then let's call for MPs' massively long Summer holidays, while we're at it.
Oh, but MPs have 'important constituency work to do..' Yeah, like lying on a beach in the Maldives.
Nice work being an MP, if you go to the 'right' school' and daddy has a big enough bank balance.

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Bash: to hit someone or something hard, in a way that causes pain or damage. / to criticize someone or something very strongly. - Longman

Teacher-bashing: que massacra o professor, muito ruim para o professor, que faz o professor sofrer.
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BASHING is not necessarily physical.

Bashing is a harsh, gratuitous, prejudicial attack on a person, group or subject. Literally, bashing is a term meaning to hit or assault, but when it is used as a suffix, or in conjunction with a noun indicating the subject being attacked, it is normally used to imply that the act is motivated by bigotry.[citation needed] The term is also used metaphorically, to describe verbal or critical assaults. Topics which attract bashing tend to be highly partisan and personally sensitive topics for the bashers, the victims or both. Common areas include religion, nationality, sexuality and politics.