Tradução de "Was issued a show cause notice"

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Constable Qadeer Ahmed, himself dismissed for being absent from duty, has filed a complaint against Constable Rameez Haider, who is an assistant in the office of Rawalpindi Operations Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).
Ahmed said that Haider had demanded money in return for his reinstatement and had threatened him in case of non-payment.
Civil Lines Police booked Haider after Qadeer alleged that the former took Rs4,500 from him to save his job.
Qadeer was issued a show cause notice for being absent from duty for three months.
The complainant claimed that following his dismissal, Haider asked for another Rs2,000, saying he would try to help him get reinstated.
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Qadeer foi intimado a mostrar justa causa pela ausência do trabalho por tres meses.
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I never heard it . It is some kind of legal term that you would never use in daily conversation.
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In such cases, I read somewhere else that in Europe an employee to have their services terminated the employer should give him/her a written "notice of termination". It also might state the period of notice and the employer may choose if he will let the employee work or not through that period. But he will be paid anyway.
This is a shortened explanation, without going to some more specifics.

In this case I agreed with the answer given by Henry, I just expected some different wording in the initial text.
Instead of "Qadeer was issued a show cause notice" I would expect ""Qadeer was issued a (cause) notice/termination notice" or simply "notice".
Anyway, given that it might be made in haste something extra might have been added, or perhaps it´s their brand of English.

I also agreed with Judy, it is not found in daily conversation.
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I agree. Here , it is notice of termination.
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Thank you for sharing your insight with us Judy. ;-)
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