Tradução de "Welfare bum"

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Hey guys, what's up?

What did she mean in the bold part?

Shannon: Holy moly, Carol.
Carol: Yeah, exactly.
Shannon: You're good.
Carol: Well, I don't know. Anyway, my kids have all turned out fine. They're self-supporting, they get along well. I've got three of my sisters who worked from the time their kids were three weeks old, and one that was a welfare bum

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Dependente da Previdência Social e já que bum é também conseguir uma coisa de graça poderia ser também um parasita da Previdência Social desde que não tenha contribuído para receber o benefício.

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It could also be "propositalmente desocupada/sem emprego."
(from the, perhaps critical/none too pleased) account of Carol, contrasting her other three sisters...that worked from the time their kids were three-weeks old. So, (for Carol) not work to stay home because one has to raise and care of their children is a lame excuse. Her (Carol) point is that her sister do it because she takes advantage of the welfare cheque, and then isn´t willing to look for a job.
Obviously, taking money from a scheme that is supposed to help those in need, but that can´t find work for some time, but that do look for a job.
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In other words, Carol´s words may give a hint that her opinion is that a welfare state can lead to apathy, lack of ambition and motivation in some people.