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That's it. The hearing was scheduled to last for only about an hour, but it turned into a marathon stretching for two and a half hours. And where did it leave Theresa May? Looking distinctly shoddy. Brodie Clark made an impressive witness. He passionately insisted that he was not a rogue civil servant, he revealed that the UK Border Agency had been willing to offer him early retirement and a pay off and he justified his decision to relax border controls in a manner unacceptable to May on the grounds of long-standing guidance with which he was clearly much more familiar than the former council chief executive (Rob Whiteman) who took as UK Border Agency chief executive three months ago.
But does that mean May is "toast", as Lord West, the former Labour defence minister, told the Daily Politics show at lunchtime. Not at all. Two other things emerged during the hearing which will help her chances.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
where did it leave Theresa May? = qual foi o resultado para Theresa May?
on the grounds of long-standing guidance = baseado em instruções pre-existentes e bem estabelecidas
May is "toast" = May está "acabada" -- ferrada