Websites for Foreigners to Learn Portuguese

What is up, guys?!

I've been asked for some American co-workers about websites for them to learn, receive hints, check out pronunciation and all that when it comes to Portuguese.

Looking up differently over Google always surrounding the theme "Portuguese for Foreigners", I didn't find too much, even tried Youtube channels, didn't have any luck.

I'm wondering if any of you has been ever asked for something alike and would know cool stuff regarding to this subject.

Any tiny help on it will be much appreciated !

Hope you all have a great rest of weekend. Peace out.
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Indeed it isn´t that easy to find Portuguese studying material for foreigners, there are books on the subject and there are magazines like Speak Up (they translate the main parts to Portuguese/Brazilian learner. In fact, it seems more useful to the Brazilian student.

There are some sites, like Gringoes, in wich English speaking people will talk about what they found about culture, adapting, working, living, buying, cost of living, travels to rural parts or main capitols in Brazil et cetera. They also talk about some embarassing or funny situation they have experienced, and of course, the homesickness.
There´s a Portuguese chat, there, I let you know this because it is one to "expats" (non-natives to train their Portuguese).
You can read the English version and search the Portuguese version to compare, but you will have to navigate inside the Portuguese version until you find the itens.
Here they may ask about the English or Portuguese languages, there are people that know both, including people that lived in both countries and even in other countries as well.