What are your plans for your next vacation?

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My wife and I are plannin' to travel abroad. We'd like to visit L.A.
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Unfortunatly I need to stay in Brasil, because I need to better my english. I intend to make a vacation course and see my english fly high!

IT´s more important for me espeak english quite well!
I'm planning to go vist Disneyland in Orlando,FL, in my next vacation with my family.
We pretend to spend a month there to enjoy everything that the city can offer us, i can't wait for this trip. Right now we are getting the necessairy documents for the visa.
To travel to Canada and to meet my new grandson that will be born on next year.
Next vacation
For my next vacation, I am going to be making my first trip to Orlando, with my friend, we hope to have a very enjoyable time there.
We are going to Florida in october of next year, it is trip will be the most expensive of the last years.
We are going to visit Walt Disney World is the largest and the most visited resort in the world, containing four theme parks, two water parks and many restaurants.
This trip is planned exactly three years ago, it is a childhood dream.
I am looking forward to the arrival of this trip.
I hope to enjoy as much as I can because it is going to be an adventure.
I really want to buy a new car. Then I´ve schedule my vacation to take the money I spend it buying a new car!!
Visit to New York
For the visit to this city with my family plans are:
Day 1. Visit the park Cetral Park, as it has very natural and beautiful landscapes.
Day 2. Visit the World Trade Center, its history.
Day 3. Know the economic part and its buildings Wall Street.
Day 4. Enjoy and see the famous Statue of Liberty.
Day 5. Enjoy the beautiful and big bridge Booklyn.
Finally descanzar to before the trip back home.
I bought a package tour to Cartagena. I'm gonna spend two weeks there. I will go with my wife and my son, and we would like to go to Castillo de San Felipe. The plan has a favorable cost.
I think it really fantastic have a nice trip !
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Hello everyone ! I n fact my vacation plans is to visit NEW YORK next year , but I hope that have no bombing there. Hahahahahahah...